Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Summer to all my Dear Friends :)

I have been Crocheting up a storm! Just come take a look at whats fresh off the hook  Here

The weather here is finally warm here in Portland Oregon. The change in temperature inspired me to start Crocheting String Bikinis

Let me know what you think~ The pattern is my own. I wasn't really happy with any out there in pattern land. And I always tend to make changes to everything I Crochet. I have also been Hooked on Crocheting on Rocks

Crocheting on River Rocks is very addicting! & Super Fun!! They make great Door Stops, Paper weights, Or Cute on your Window ledge. I use vintage Doily Patterns or just do what I like to call "Free Style Crochet" (I wing It)

There has also been some Tawashi madness going on as well~

Throughout all of this~ My Purple Granny Ripple Blankie has been neglected :(
Do any of you out there in Crochet Land do this? I sometimes can not stay true to one project...
I like working on several at a time. Sometimes having what I like to call a "Finish Day"
So I can hurry up & start something new. My daughter still shakes her head at me threatening a yarn intervention.

I have been teaching her to Crochet little by little. Its hard for her to find the time with four little ones. She has mastered Single Crochet :) I'm hoping to recruit her for my shop one day. Or taking over her small Yarn Stash she's been hiding from me

Happy Crocheting~